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Image by Jan Kopřiva

Sample Testing

Often materials visibly show that they are classified as dangerous. Elemental mercury appears as a shiny liquid metal, asbestos fibres in pipe wrap - but sometimes sample testing must be conducted to find out if the material is dangerous.

On Site Testing

Some of the materials we deal with are often odourless, colourless or have been absorbed into the soil or water on a property. When we are dealing with this type of contaminant or contamination, we extract samples and send them to our independent laboratory to see if they pose environmental or human health dangers.

You Just Can't Know

Don't risk serious short term and long term health affects. If you see old containers, drums, building materials or equipment that predates many of the health and safety standards that came into effect in the 1980s, give us a call immediately. We will test the materials and give you advice on what action to take which may include remediation action and temporary discontinuation of building use.

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