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Mould Removal

Though many naturally occurring mould strains are not dangerous, certain conditions can lead to the growth of particularly harmful strains of mould inside of buildings. Water damaged wood, cardboard or fiberboard can become host to dangerous moulds.

Look For The Signs Of Mould

Homeowners, realtors and business owners should all be on the look out for signs of mould in particular when there is or has been moisture buildup in areas. Dangerous moulds come in a variety of colours. A very dangerous greenish-black mould known as Stachybotrys Chartarum (SC) or "Black Mould" produce mycotoxins that can suppress and even destroy your immune system, including your lymphoid tissue and bone marrow.

Mould Elimination

Mould spores are incredibly resistant to heat and chemical cleaning agents like bleach. Even though it may appear that you have wiped the mould away, you may merely have disturbed more spores into the air to repopulate at a later time. In other cases the source of the spores may be out of sight, like behind drywall on wall studs.

We can eradicate the problem in an affordable, efficient manner using the latest tools and techniques. Our testing can also help verify that the atmospheric levels of dangerous mould spores have been brought into safe levels for your family or employees.

How Does Mould Affect Living Organisms?

When toxic mould multiplies or is disturbed, its spores are released into your living environment. When we breathe spores they can settle in our warm moist lungs and develop, spawning health problems that range from cell and DNA interference to asthma, respiratory illness, cancer, and myelin sheath degeneration (long term degeneration can contribute to development of neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, dementia, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's etc.). Normal moulds exist and we breathe them in regularly, but our immune systems are able to recognize them and prevent infection. Toxic mould strains often have immunosuppressant mycotoxins present either on the spore or within it and can pass through the blood-brain barrier, entering your brain through your nose mucous!

Other diseases associated with toxic mould exposure include leukemia, chronic fatigue syndrome as well as kidney, esophageal and liver cancer. It is estimated that mould affects about 25% of homes in Canada. Don't let your family be subject to the health dangers of toxic mould! Get us do assess your problem for FREE today!

Mould is no match for our professional removal services

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